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The benefits of salt therapy or speleotherapy are well documented. In the mid 18th Century a Polish health official Felix Botchkowski noticed that the workers of salt mines did not get ill with lung diseases. He wrote a book about the effects of salt dust in 1843. His successor Mstislav Poljakowski founded a Salt Spa in Velicko near Krakow, which is still in operation.

During the Second World War, salt mines were often used as bombproof shelters. After spending time there many people who suffered from asthma felt that their health had got better!

These days hundreds of thousands of people suffering from Allergies, Asthma and other respiratory system disorders have found that visits to the salt mines of Wieliczka in Poland, Hallen in Austria or Praid in Romania or the Dead Sea to inhale the salt brine vapour have brought amazing natural respiratory relief.


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DUAL ACTION PREFILLED POCKET SIZE DRY SALT INHALER SALT PIPE. For both Oral and Nasal Inhalation. With unique One Way Valve and Hygienic Mouthpiece Cover

Price Now: £11.36

Product Code: 4460

  • Lightweight Pocket Size Ultra Compact Salt Inhaler Salt Pipe
  • DUAL ACTION. Designed for both Oral Inhalation for Lower Respiratory Tract and with the Patented Nasal Adapter included for Nasal Inhalation for Upper Respiratory Tract
  • Prefilled with Certified and Authenticated Halite Salt Crystals from The Mid Miocene Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine
  • Unique One Way Valve helps preserve Salt and ensures full therapeutic value with each inhalation
  • Supports normal Mucocillary Transport to help rapid flushing and elimination of residual Tar, Pollutants, Pathogens, Contaminants and Allergens
  • Promotes a gentle calming, cleansing and healing of the Respiratory System
  • Plus Integral Hygienic Mouthpiece Protection Cap
  • Excellent tolerance
  • No contraindications or side effects
  • Fits easily into your top pocket or handbag
  • Suitable for adults and children over 1 year
  • CE Approved Medical Device
  • Made from Biocompatible Medical Grade Plastic
  • Dimensions: 9.0x1.5x3.5cm

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